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Vismatica’s is a dashboard software with a point-and-click interface that empowers clever end-users and I.T. professionals with the ability to easily create analytical dashboards, company intranets and extranets, client/customer e-portals, knowledgebases and more.

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Work Smarter

Give your team members, managers, clients and vendors 24/7 access to everything they need from data and maps to documents and discussions.

Innovate Quickly

Use our point-and-click designer to innovate and bring new technology solutions to life quickly and at low cost.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with your Vismatica purchase for any reason we will refund 100% of the software license purchase price at any time within the first 30-days.


Share information with your team members, clients, vendors and others inside and outside of your organization with our easy to use content management features:

Share documents and other files with our directory features and drop-in document management feature.

Share video with our built-in YouTube and Vimeo widgets.

Share images with our image and slideshow tool.

Share data with our charts, graphs, pivot tables and other data components.


Analyzing your company’s performance and other relevant data is easy with Vismatica’s data tools.

Create data exploration dashboards with linkable charts and graphs that allow the user to drill down into information, no matter what form it takes.

Bring data from multiple SQL databases into a single dashboard with our chart-level data connections.

Interconnect components to explore data across multiple company systems.

Use our easy query builder to allow power-users to design their own dashboards, data tables, and more.



Vismatica’s dashboard software isn’t just about sharing information. It is also about collaboration.

Drop a discussion on any interface to allow users to collaborate and exchange feedback.

Add chat to any interface to allow users to collaborate in real time.

Use the form builder to create data collection forms that can create and update data in your system databases as well as send emails.

Collaborate on documents, videos, dashboards and more by linking discussion components with other powerful features.

Cost Effective

Vismatica is the cost-effective dashboard software solution for companies of all sizes. From the small start-up to the multi-billion dollar multinational, Vismatica is priced to fit your company.

Here to Help You Succeed

Do you have the vision for a solution like Vismatica, but lack the expertise? We can help! We offer professional services to help with everything from setup and integration to training and solution development.

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How Vismatica Helps Companies Like Yours:

The city of New Port Richey, Florida was starting a multi-million dollar upgrade to their water utility metering infrastructure. This project included a complete systems migration to a new management software as well as an upgrade to over 10,000 meters throughout the city. With Vismatica, they were able to bridge the migration gap, improve data quality and reduce billing errors by consolidating data from multiple sources such as legacy systems, cloud based databases, and spreadsheets from field agents to create a single repository for managing and exploring data during migration.

Data migration tools were used to capture, sanitize, transform and load data from multiple sources into a single repository.

Vismatica’s web interface was used to build a dashboard for administrative staff to explore meter data, review history, and troubleshoot issues without the need for data analysis or programming knowledge.

A Better Process serves legal documents for law firms throughout Florida and nationwide. Their clients need 24/7 access to their data and documents. With Vismatica, they were able to share graphical statistics, reports, and documents with clients online within a matter of weeks.

By connecting Vismatica’s point-and- click interface designer to A Better Process’s tracking system database they were able to provide clients with vital service performance statistics at the click of a button and allow clients to explore this data to better understand how their workload was being handled.

Vismatica’s form builder allowed for inbound service requests via the dashboard, which turned the portal into an online job submission platform.

Built-in reporting allows clients to get answers to their questions 24/7.

Vismatica’s document sharing components gives clients access to all of their documents.

Vismatica’s data integration tools allowed for automatic syncing of client information from A Better Process’s tracking system directly into Vismatica’s user management, removing the need to manage logins in multiple places.

By providing their clients with an online dashboard they were able to increase client satisfaction while reducing labor costs associated with manually answering client follow-up, report and document request.

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