How It Works

IronRock Starts by Working with You to Determine Your Dashboard and Portal Needs

We don’t expect to be spoon fed. We will work with you through meetings, phone calls, emails and other mediums, to determine your project goals for your dashboard or portal – and help you decide on the best way to achieve them.

Develop Final Product Goal

Once we know what you want, we will create a project specification outlining what functionality your dashboard or portal will have. This will detail the data we will display on each screen, the forms the users will have to work with – as well as any automation that ties it back to your systems.

Access, Map and Extract Your Data

Now that we know what you want to show, it is time for us to figure out where that data lives, and how we can get it into Vismatica. From reverse engineering database schemas and integrating with cloud services, to capturing emails, documents and spreadsheets – we can gather your data wherever it lives.

Overlay It with Vismatica

With all of the data gathered and prepared for Vismatica, we then build out your solution using the Vismatica visual designer. Vismatica Solve can pass data from one component to another, drop in charts and graphs, and add user interactions like chat and discussions so that your portal becomes one, cohesive location for all information within your company.

Test, Feedback and Repeat

Once we feel it is show-time, we send the product onto you to review, test and provide us with feedback. We may not always get it right the first time, but we will work with you to quickly resolve all issues, make any improvements, and iterate until we have something you can be proud of.

Vismatica Solves Problems in the Real World

A Better Process is a company that serves legal documents for law firms throughout Florida, and nationwide. Their clients need 24/7 access to their data and documents. With Vismatica, they are able to share graphical statistics, reports, and documents with clients online – and IronRock met the turn around time for this solution within a matter of weeks, not months.

By connecting Vismatica’s point-and-click interface designer to A Better Process’s tracking system database, they are able to provide clients with vital service performance statistics at the click of a button – which allow clients to explore this data to better understand how their workload is being handled.

Vismatica’s form builder allows for inbound service requests via the dashboard, which turns the portal into an online job submission platform.

Built-in reporting allows clients to get answers to their questions 24/7.

Vismatica’s document sharing components gives clients access to all of their documents.

Vismatica’s data integration tools allows for automatic syncing of client information from A Better Process’s tracking system, directly into Vismatica’s user management – removing the need to manage logins in multiple places.

By providing their clients with an online dashboard, they are able to increase client satisfaction – while reducing labor costs associated with manually answering client follow-up, report and document request.

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