Vismatica Capture

Vismatica Capture gives users a single tool to gather data from multiple corporate data silos. From documents and emails, to databases, cloud software, and spreadsheets – Vismatica Capture helps you gather all the data needed into a single repository, to build meaningful reports and dashboards.

Full-Text Searchable

Emails & documents become full-text searchable.

Database Tables

Spreadsheets and delimited files are automatically converted into database tables.


Advanced Integrations Toolbox

Advanced integrations toolbox allows for complex integration with XML, complex delimited files, and third-party APIs.

Data Sources


Documents (Word and PDF files)


Delimited Files


XML Files

SQL Databases

And More!

How Vismatica Helps Companies Like Yours:

The city of New Port Richey, Florida was starting a multi-million dollar upgrade to their water utility metering infrastructure. This project included a complete systems migration to a new management software as well as an upgrade to over 10,000 meters throughout the city. With Vismatica, they were able to bridge the migration gap, improve data quality and reduce billing errors by consolidating data from multiple sources such as legacy systems, cloud based databases, and spreadsheets from field agents to create a single repository for managing and exploring data during migration.

  • Data migration tools were used to capture, sanitize, transform and load data from multiple sources into a single repository.
  • Vismatica’s web interface was used to build a dashboard for administrative staff to explore meter data, review history, and troubleshoot issues without the need for data analysis or programming knowledge.

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