Over time, we have discussed dashboards before. The goal of this post is to get you understanding dashboards on what exactly a they are, and how they can help your business be more successful and productive.

Understanding Dashboards for Success – IronRockSo what’s a dashboard?

Think about a dashboard in your car. It tells you how fast your going, how many miles your car has driven, when you need to put fuel in your car and the list goes on. The dashboard in your car tells you all these things so you can better understand your vehicle and your driving performance. Similarly, a dashboard for your business displays PIs (performance indicators) and KPIs (key performance indicators) and other information that may be relevant to your business. This data can be displayed in graphical forms such as charts, grids, gauges and maps.

How can a dashboard help me?

Chances are, there is a mass amount of data that is importing to your company regularly. A dashboard can help organize all this data. Employees will be able to save time, which in return can save the company money with it’s simple, real-time display. Instead of having to sift through emails and other files, a dashboard can display this information and it can be gathered with a simple glance. In order for information to be understood at a glance, a dashboard needs to be tailor-fit to what your business needs. Here is a list of things you need to do when it comes to a successful dashboard design:

  • Simplicity is key. Your dashboard needs to be clear and concise to ensure efficiency.
  • It effectively organizes business information to enable quick usability
  • There are minimal to no distractions
    • This is really important. You may be tempted to add something to your dashboard because it looks cool or you think may be necessary, but you cannot add extra “fluff” just because. It will make your dashboard confusing and no longer effective.
  • Make it nice to look at, without the extra “fluff” of unnecessary graphics and colors.

What types of dashboards can I use?

There are three main types of dashboard your business can utilize.

Strategic Dashboards: These dashboards offer a quick overview of your company’s performance. It helps assist with decision making and Understanding Dashboards for Success – IronRocklong-term goals. Strategic dashboards are rarely ever in real-time simply because you aren’t trying to learn what is happening right this moment, but rather what’s been happening.

Analytical Dashboards: The purpose of these dashboards is to analyze what is going on within your business. They are designed to answer the questions you may have about your business so you can have a better understanding of what’s been happening and how to better it in the future.

Operational Dashboards: These dashboards are displayed in real-time and require immediate attention. They are simple in design and have the purpose of monitoring functions.

Understanding dashboards can help

Over time, a successful dashboard will improve an organization’s decision-making based on aggregated BI, assist in goal-setting, help monitor negative trends, and improve workplace productivity. Now that you have a better understanding of what dashboards are and how they can help, which type of dashboard best suits your company? Here at IronRock Solutions, we are specialized in designing all types of dashboards for businesses. Call now and schedule an appointment with us today!

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