System Automation

Automation of mission-critical processes reduces human capital costs, while increasing consistency and process output.

Don’t let operational tasks drain time away from more profitable and meaningful work. Convert time saved into value for your clients, and grow your business instead.

IronRock System Automation Provides:

Workflow Process

IronRock helps you create Workflow Processes that best suit your company dynamic.

Designing Systems

IronRock designs systems that mimic or enhance your current workflow.

Ongoing Support

IronRock is committed to providing ongoing maintenance and support, designed to maximize our automation systems. We deliver automation services and solutions that add up to big savings in time and money for your company.

Data entry, decision making, and workflow can be automated by smart applications – designed to streamline document creation, client notification emails, work assignments, and more.

Client Success Stories

Clients were frequently requesting case reports showing the timeline of a case with this process server provider. This would require someone to stop and run multiple reports to send to the client. We automated this process by setting up a general mailbox that the client could email with their case number. Automaton would then pick up these emails, generate the report, and send it back automatically.

This company had 2-3 full-time employees responsible for the creation of Operation and Maintenance financial reports for the districts they serve. They had to enter invoices for these reports, manually track them via spreadsheets, print all invoices and spreadsheets, and then scan them back in together as a PDF – in order to print out a copy for each board member. We automated this process to where 1 part-time employee could handle the reports. This allowed the team to focus more on improving the quality of the services they provide, and thus better serve their customers.

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