Custom Case Management Software!

Matters and More

IronWorks’ matter management includes custom screens, comments, activities, document generation, document management, appointments, time/cost tracking, billing and much more!

Unlimited Users

IronWorks comes with robust and configurable user and group rights management, so that you are in full control. Our software has no caps on the number of users or groups that you can create.


Our powerful Worpx document engine can generate documents with complex rules in no time. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can upload unlimited documents to your matters.

Going Above & Beyond…

Smart Workflow

One of our favorite features of IronWorks is the advanced events engine. Trigger activities, comments, billing, and other items when fields are populated, activities are completed, or documents are uploaded. Send emails to clients automatically when an activity is complete. The sky is the limit.

Integrated Messaging

IronWorks comes with system-wide chat so that you can collaborate with your team in real time, and save conversations to the matter to create a history of conversations about the active issues on the matter.

Time and Billing

Matter time and cost tracking comes with IronWorks. So does invoice generation and billing. We even go a step further and allow payment tracking as well as basic trust accounting.

Encryption when You Need It

As an attorney you likely deal with sensitive information such as SSNs and other personally identifiable information. IronWorks includes optional field encryption on any field to keep your sensitive data safe.

Even More Features!

System Entities let you define other types of items to track beyond matters – such as judges, counties, clerks, vendors, and more.

Matters can be linked together by placing them in a file with other matters.

Fully configurable screens allow you to mold IronWorks to fit your firm.

Client login lets you share matter information and documents with your clients when IronWorks is hosted on the internet.

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