We have talked before on how you can “hone your success” with a business dashboard. We have even mentioned the three most popular types: analytical, strategic and operational. However did you know that there are several other types of business dashboards that can be tailor-made for your company? You need a dashboard to tell you relevant, clear and regular messages on how successfully your company is operating, well here’s a few more ways you can do that!

Hone Your Success! – IronRock

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Executive Dashboards

Three words: key performance indicators, KPIs for short. This is the essence of every executive dashboard. Businesses want to measure things such as the debt to equity ratio, net profit margin, gross profit margin and return on equity. The nice thing about Executive Dashboards too is you can set your QuickBooks or Xero account to be integrated into your dashboard. Making it so all the information you need is in plain sight.

Sales Dashboards

Anyone who works in sales will tell you that it’s a fast-paced and high-pressure environment. A sales team needs to be completely up-to-date with any opportunities or challenges that may arise. A Sales Dashboard can help a sales team stay on top of the metrics that drive their business.

Marketing Dashboards

A marketing team’s most important goal is to better understand the customer. With that being said, marketing professionals use Marketing Dashboards to keep and eye on their campaign’s performance. Doing this allows a marketing team to connect with their client, and in return increase the brand recognition.

Hone Your Success! – IronRock

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Social Media Dashboards

Social media is another form of marketing. Social media marketing is all about having multiple different social media accounts to create more interest in your brand. It can get overwhelming logging in and out of multiple different accounts. With a Social Media Dashboard you will have all that information right at your finger tips.

DevOps Dashboards

When you’re a developer you have to stay on top of your key website and application performance metrics. When you’re a developer you can’t sit on your hands and assume that everything is running peachy-keen, you have to understand data from multiple different platforms at a time. A DevOps Dashboard takes the stress away from having to monitor all these platforms. These dashboards show how the customer combines metrics from all their performance monitoring services.

Hone Your Success!

Is your business in need of a dashboard? Do you think any of the dashboards mentioned in the post may be just what your company needs? Search no further, here at IronRock Solutions we are trained to install and help you with any of your dashboard needs. Make your appointment today!


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