What goes into your dashboard is almost as important as the dashboard itself. Widgets are the tools that you can use to help measure your business and get a better insight to what your client or potential client is thinking. Here are five useful widgets to help get your dashboard started.

Five Useful Widgets – IronRockTotal Active Visitors

Have you ever wondered who’s looking at your website and where they are coming from? That’s exactly what Total Active Visitors tracks for you. This widget monitors traffic on your website in real-time. Not only that, it also will tell you where your traffic is coming from (organic, referral, direct, social media, the list goes on). So when there’s a sudden spike in traffic on your website, this widget can help you dig deeper and find out why.

Articles & Their Source

If you’re a publisher of any articles, you may find this widget useful. Articles & Their Source tracks who is viewing your articles posted and what kind of traffic is coming in. You no longer need to wonder what kind of articles are most successful on your website. This widget can tell you the kinds of articles people like to read, which in turn helps you post more of that kind of article.

Social Traffic

Lets face it, social media is the name of the game nowadays. If you aren’t able to track how people are interacting on your social media accounts then you could fall behind. The Social Traffic widget will show the “ripple effect” of what happens after you tweet, post, or pin. An added perk– this widget will even show you the actual source of the trail (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

U.S. Visitors by City

This is a super cool widget. The gist of U.S. Visitors by City is that it can show you worldwide traffic on a map. When you have, lets say, a visitor from Japan on your site, Japan on your map will light up. You can have a better grasp worldwide of who is visiting your website.

Keywords Driving TrafficFive Useful Widgets – IronRock

Despite the surge of social media, most people still perform a good ole Google search when they are wanting to quickly gain a piece of information. Therefore, many websites would agree that most of their traffic is still coming from search engines. Keywords Driving Traffic lets you see the top 20 keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

Use these five useful widgets!

Use these five useful widgets and many more within your dashboard to track the performance of your business. Have questions on how to get these widgets or others into your dashboard? Call IronRock today and schedule an appointment, we can get the widgets you need in your dashboard today!

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