You’re in your car driving down the highway. Now for a second, imagine that suddenly your dashboard disappears. You’re a little lost now right? If your dashboard disappeared you’d loose your navigation system, your speed odometer, the gas gauge, and the radio with all your tunes. Basically you’d have no idea where you were going, how fast, if you were even going to make it in gas all while in silence.

Just as your dashboard is super important in your car it’s also important for your business to have a good and effective dashboard. Here are five different kinds of dashboards your business can utilize and why they totally rock.

The Executive

Most people set up their Executive Dashboard in a way that reads left to right: the results > the behavior > the acquisition. Most people who are getting their hands on an Executive Dashboard are head executives and CFOs, people who want to see the dollar signs. Once you know your results you want to know why and how you got that result. From there, Google Analytics allows you to apply filters to your dashboards to be able to answer different questions you need to ask such as: “are the viewing the right pages?” “are they looking at the right information to compel them to spend X amount?” the list goes on. Once you know this information from your Executive Dashboard the better you can game plan how to make more money going forward knowing what did and didn’t work.

Five Dashboards That Rock – IronRockThe CMO

A CMO Dashboard is the honey hole for your marketing people. Unlike an Executive Dashboard, most CMO dashboards are set up the opposite direction: acquisition > behavior on your site > results. Marketers want to know what they can learn and how they can draw people in. With that being said they need to know what metrics matter! You can set up a dashboard that can show you what marketing tactics are and aren’t working. Basically with a CMO dashboard you need to ask yourself: “how do you want to measure the acquisition to the behavior on your website and what what results will that create?”

New Market Dashboards

Everyone likes a pleasant surprise. Also everyone likes when someone new on the scene enjoys whatever they’re putting out there. You can set up a dashboard that will literally tell you when a new market is on the scene for your business. For an example: you’re a hat store owner right outside of the La Guardia airport in New York City. Most of your clients are coming from NYC, New Jersey and other areas in northeast. Suddenly one month you have a sudden increase in clients from Florida. A New Market dashboard can show you the sudden increase in Florida clients and from there the hat storeowner can try to figure out why that is. The storeowner discovers that Southwest Airlines now has two direct flights from Tampa International to La Guardia meaning there’s a lot more Floridians coming through that airport and in short visiting the hat store. This information could have likely flown under the radar if it wasn’t for your New Market Dashboard.

What’s your top content?

Have you ever asked yourself that question in regards to your own website content? There’s a dashboard for that! It takes a lot of time to cull information to create content and blogs for your website. You want to know if all that hard work is worth your time. You can set up this dashboard to tell you which kind of posts are and aren’t working and from there, generate content you know will drive your site.

The Tech Check Dashboard

You want to know how people are behaving on your website. Are there pages that are broken? Are there points on your website where you’re losing viewers? What areas of your website aren’t being used to their full potential?” A Tech Check Dashboard is your insight to all that information and more. It will tell you where people are falling off your site, if there’s a page not working or what pages aren’t performing the ways you though they would. From there, you can fix all those things to make a better and more effective website.

So now that you know about these five dashboards, which kind do you think would be most beneficial to your business? Don’t wait! Here at IronRock Solutions, we can design you any of these types of dashboards to get your business selling!

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