Data Quality Control

Clean data leads to greater opportunities to save money and improve performance.

Messy data diminishes your cash flow by degrading the accuracy of reporting, and reducing opportunity for automation.

A recent study by Gartner determined that the costs of working with poor data is costing an average of $9.7 million per year. IronRock can increase data quality by analyzing your data to determine it’s problem areas – such as incomplete data fields, common typos, human error, or incorrect data formats. Then we find ways to clear up these issues through the use of outside data, artificial intelligence, or by the creation of efficient data entry tools to validate current records.

Client Success Stories

During their water utility’s upgrade from mechanical meters to new automated digital meters covering the city’s over 10,000 customers, IronRock managed the change-out data coming from their vendor who was doing meter upgrades in the field, to cross validate the data we had in 2 other systems. This enabled the city both to sanitize their data, as well as to clear up quality issues caused by human error – which led to lower errors on rates and billing, and therefore better customer service.

Large Law Firm

IronRock analyzed over 100 different data quality points in this law firm’s accounting software, to determine data quality and cleanup for conversion to a new accounting platform.

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