We know, Excel has been around for so long that it’s become child’s play for many people. One thing you must ask though: is it easy for your client to understand? Sometimes entering everything on an Excel spreadsheet is confusing, boring and not to mention time consuming for you and your client. We’ve talked a lot about how dashboards are incredibly useful for your business, but what if they could be useful for your clients too?

Dashboards Outside the Box - IronRock Your clients are on a “need to know” basis

In order to have a good relationship with all of your clients, it’s imperative that you are communicating with them effectively. Think about it this way: is a dating relationship or marriage successful if one half of the relationship is either not giving you enough information or giving too much? If they aren’t giving enough, then things feel hazy and confusing. If there’s too much information then the other person is probably going to feel quite overwhelmed. It’s similar with business to client relationships. Sometimes reporting to your client via Excel or other ways can lead to confusion or being overwhelmed.

Dashboards outside the boxDashboards Outside the Box - IronRock

Dashboards don’t just have to point inward toward your business, they can also be pointed outward toward your clients. They’re a solution to this problem. Building your clients a dashboard that contains information from reports in a graphical format at a quick glance is a lot less confusing! Put yourself in your clients shoes. This shouldn’t be hard to do considering we are all a client of something no matter how big or small. Wouldn’t you appreciate a business more if they were communicating to you in a clear and effective way (like a dashboard)? Your clients need something of value. They need intelligence and insight to the services and products they purchase from your business and a dashboard is a perfect way to deliver that to them!

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