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Dashboards are the all-encompassing tool to help businesses get to the mark they’re striving for. They help a business stay on track with how the business is performing. They can give insight to improvements that need to be made while also providing a way to keep all employees on their toes. A dashboard is capable of all of this and more, while saving you precious time. However, like all things technological, using a dashboard isn’t always a walk in the park. Here, we will break down some of the dashboard challenges and how your business can overcome them.

The dashboard challenges…

Not using the right tools: The idea of a dashboard is to help you be able to view all your metrics in one convenient place. In order to do this, you must have the right tools in place. You can’t set up your dashboard to measure super broad metrics like “net income,” but rather more specific metrics that can help you get down to the bottom of how your business is truly performing.

No specific user in mind: How can you make something “user friendly” if you don’t know who exactly your user is? Many times, dashboards will be set up without the specific user in mind, making it generally difficult for everyone to operate. Or sometimes dashboards will be set up with preloaded tools that may not help a business track the metrics that are needed to grow. One way to help this is to make sure you communicate with your developer who the user of the dashboard will be and what kind of metrics they’ll need to be measuring.

Incompatibility: One of the worst and most frustrating things that can potentially be encountered when using a dashboard is its incompatibility with other business systems. When you can sync your dashboard with other business systems, sometimes the data that is outputted by a dashboard can be incorrect or outdated. Fixing this issue is worse: manually inputting the data. That defeats the whole purpose of a dashboard! Make sure when your developer is designing your dashboard you communicate with them the other business systems that you use so that your dashboard can be compatible with them.

Real-time availability: If you have a dashboard that is not capable of refreshing to real-time then you must take the actions to fix that. How can you really measure the performance of your business if your dashboard is displaying outdated information? Also, everyone needs to be able to access the dashboard. Real-time availability of your dashboard is important so that whether an employee is at the office or working remotely the dashboard can be accessed.

Dashboard Challenges & How to Overcome Them - IronRockIronRock Solutions to overcome these challenges…

Do you feel as if your business is encountering a few of the listed dashboard challenges above? The good news is IronRock Solutions can help you overcome any of these challenges. Here at IronRock we are specialized in designing dashboards that help your business get their hands on the metrics needed to grow. We want to have conversations with you to know which tools you need, what kind of user will be accessing, what kind of systems it needs to sync with and so on. Book an appointment with IronRock today and we’ll start designing the dashboard your business needs to be successful!

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