When building a business, the software you choose is a very important decision that needs to be made. Your software can either streamline your productivity or destroy your efficiency and the choice is all in your hands. There’s often a build vs. buy debate when it comes to software. Is it smarter to utilize an off-the-shelf software or invest in a custom software for your business? Well, it depends on a number of variables when making this decision, lets compare the two!

Why custom software?
Build vs. Buy: a Software Story – IronRock

Flexibility: The thing with off-the-shelf softwares is they are ridged. It’s extremely difficult to add or subtract different features of their functionalities. This typically leads to there being either too few or too many functions in your software that your company needs. Custom software has a much higher level of flexibility in that you are able to determine yourself what functions your business needs in its software to be successful.

Meets Your Needs: If your a business with specialized needs, then custom software is a route you should consider taking. While off-the-shelf softwares can meet many of the needs of a lot of businesses, it’s still not tailor-fit to your company meaning it may not be able to meet those specialized needs.

Compatibility: If you are working with more than one off-the-shelf software, then chances are you run into situations where your softwares aren’t compatible and it greatly hurts your productivity. When you create your own custom software you can make something that encompasses the functions of both softwares to increase productivity.

Build vs. Buy: a Software Story – IronRock

One example of many off-the-shelf softwares.

Why off-the-shelf software?

Less expensive: Creating custom software is not for the faint of heart. The dollar signs that are attached to creating custom software may be beyond what your business is ready to spend. If you’re a small start up company, then off-the-shelf software is much cheaper and good start in the right direction.

Less time consuming: When utilizing custom software it takes a lot of time to create and implement. If you business is already spread thin with time investing into off-the-shelf software may be a safer bet.

Easier to understand: Take a look around your office, do it right now, take a scan of the wonderful people you have working for your business. As wonderful as they may be, they may not have the technical proficiency to take on a custom software. Off-the-shelf softwares are much easier to learn and maintain.

To build or not to build, that is the question.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what kind of business you are and what your business needs in order to grow. If you think your company is in a position to get it’s own custom software, IronRock Solutions would love to help. We specialize in creating expert softwares tailor-fit to your company’s needs. We want you to grow and therefore we only take on the best of the best to create the software you need.

The thing is, custom software is always going to be more efficient on your time and always going to offer a competitive edge. Why use the same software your competition is using? That isn’t going to help you get ahead, but creating your own software can! Call IronRock today and schedule an appointment and we can get started on building a software that launches your business ahead of the rest!

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