Analytical Dashboards

IronRock Software helps you find ways to cut costs and improve performance, hidden in the data your business is already generating.

Do you need RELIABLE answers to these questions?

How well are we meeting deadlines?

Where are we making money?

Where are we losing money?

IronRock Business Analytics Provides:


Quick Data Analysis

Our proprietary set of data capture and manipulation tools provide you with quick data analysis.


Self-Serve Reporting

IronRock’s own Vismatica and Excelerate software provide your business with self-serve reporting.

By utilizing IronRock Software’s proprietary set of data capture, reporting, data mining and manipulation tools, you will quickly see EXACTLY where you are losing revenue – and how to turn it into cash-positive strategy.

Let IronRock help you make better business decisions, by using custom tools to look at your data and answer important company questions.

Client Success Stories

IronRock analyzed TSI’s data to help them measure and improve their service stats, as well as manage their workload.

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